Schrader Wappen

Chairman: Harald Schrader, Kiel, Germany

The Schrader Family Association

The society of members mainly from "Schrader" families was
founded in 1920 and since then aimes at three objects:

  • (1) to promote genealogical research,
  • (2) to hand down the results to further generations and
  • (3) to support the feeling of solidarity.

The results of family investigations are saved onto continuous
publications over 80 years and kept in special archives. About
3,000 pages are published. Some 100 families are documented.

Annual meetings in alternating towns stimulate professional and
personal communication. At present 137 members from Germany,
The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa and USA are united in the association.

New members are welcome. Everybody who is willing to promote
the aimes may enrol in the association. Subscription fee is 20 € per year and 10 €/a for any further enroled family member.

The Origin of the Name "Schrader"

The family name "Schrader" originates from several medieval
occupations, such as "to cut, to grind, to chop up, to shred (shredder)".
Since the 14th century the name is common with craftsmen as joiners,
carpenters, coiners, tailors ("Schneider") and also farmers, millers
and, later, merchants.
Evidently the Schrader families are normally not related to each
other. ( Think for example of the "Miller" or "Smith" families.)

By genealogical investigations family trees are scheduled. A so described family is titled after the birth or living place of the oldest registered male ancestor, for instance "Schrader (Hannover)".

The original home was the region around the German towns Kassel, Hannover and Magdeburg. From here the "Schraders" spread over Germany, The Netherlands, Europe and all over the globe.

Corresponding to language development and local dialects in different
regions the name "Schrader" is related to "Schröder, Schroeder, Schröter, Schräder, Schneider, Schreurs", s. fig.:

Schrader Regions

Since the 19th century you will find the name in maps from all over the globe: "Pic Schrader" (3174 m, Pyrenees, France), "Schrader Mount" (2052 m) and "Schrader Range" (both New Guinea), "Lake Schrader" (Alaska, Franklin Mountains), "Schrader Creek" (USA, Pennsylvania) among other sites.